Pro Cycling Manager 2016 (Custom Team)


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Hello hello! Since we have this new create your own story I thought I should do a MBM of starting a career with a custom team on this brilliant game! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn to just take you through it all

First things first I've got to pick a kit! The country of the sponsor is important because it gives more chance to get in certain races

The really annoying thing with this game is that they don't have rights for some sponsor names or rider names for that matter so it's a bit rubbish in that respect

I like this one! No idea what sponsor it's basically meant to be but spelt slightly differently... But, I'm picking that! Say hello to Sittos Pro Cycling!

Now to pick riders! I want a varied bunch but with a Swiss core as it's a Swiss team! So let's look at riders

I think with the Swiss riders, going for Cancellara would be boring and too easy come the classics, so, Albasini will be a good first signing

He is 35, which means great experience but he is exceptional on hills and in a sprint with a small group! He's also a great teammate and leadout man!

Along with Albasini, I've added Reichenbach from FDJ, Keung from BMC, Wyss from BMC also, Marcel Wyss from IAM and Hollenstein, also from IAM... So that's a good Swiss group! Now to look at other countries!

Just signed a Ukrainian sprinter called Vusilyev, he's an average sprinter and will be great for leadouts and leading in smaller races! He's 25 at the moment

Now, Aussies.... I'd quite like the Australian champs jersey in the team! This means, basically, signing Simon Gerrans and some cheaper Australian riders to support