Michael Van Gerwen

Gary Anderson



Replay the complete final in it's full glory here...


Hello , Good Evening and Welcome......or something equally auspicious. The wonder of the world that is the M1 means I've made a less than elegant arrival on site, and find that suddenly darts is the shizzle.

From a half empty room on Friday, I find myself nicking a chair off someone who'd snuck off for food......anyone would think something special might be happening tonight.

First order of business, it's the Final. Seeds 1 and 2, former champ against defending champ...winner of almost everything he's played in this year to winner of just about everything he didnt win.

Michael van Gerwen, the top seed, comes into this off the back of that remarkable semi final. You know the one where he averaged a tournament record 114.05. Gary Anderson is looking for a third consecutive title, something that has not been achieved sine the tournament moved to Ally Pally in 2008. Phil Taylor last did it from 2004 to 2006.

It's best of 13 sets (first to 7 for those hard of thinking), the usual best of 5 legs each set....except if we go to the 13th set. That must be won by two clear legs.....except if we get to 5-5. It's a sudden death, winner take all leg if we get that far.

So, how did we get here?

MvG has the head to head edge over Ando, 22 wins to 13....they've drawn once in Premier League play.

More stats.

Atmosphere in here is already bouncing.....christ knows what it'll be like in a few minutes....

The big thing missing from those stats so far is the 9 darter......will we see one tonight....