Michael Van Gerwen

Gary Anderson



Replay the complete final in it's full glory here...


Walk on time. It's loud!!

Anderson first with the 180....but MvG takes out 122 via the bull to hold.

Another max for Ando on way to easy hold 1-1

MvG so close to 134. Finishes next time up. 2-1

Ando can't get 81. He's coming back..... goes to the madhouse but we're tied.

43 start from MvG was an opening. 40 that followed closed it again. First set MvG with the darts.

That was a lightning quick set....nip and tuck, score for score....cheeky 180 thrown at the end of the 5th leg by Ando just for show as much as anything. This has the feel already of a match that could come down to one loose dart here or there.

That board looks extra tiny up on the stage tonight....how these guys can keep their concentration in the bedlam is a mystery to me.....

Key points here....missing d14 by an inch....it's a long way.....but MvG can't take advantage....Ando holds with a pressure 3rd dart at d7

116 out for MvG and we're level in the 2nd set.....1-1