Michael Van Gerwen

Gary Anderson



Replay the complete final in it's full glory here...


First leg of the 7th goes to MvG with a d16

Anderson opens up the 2nd leg with a 12 maximum....that's what he needs to do just to hold throw at the moment...

MvG bangs another 180 in, to get to 41...leaving Anderson grasping for air on 161.....MvG has now taken 10 of the last 11 legs....

125 outshot from MvG and he's swept the 7th set......it's looking like it's just the formalities of getting to the finish line now. MvG leads 5-2

The scary thing is, Gary's average is 106.39, a full 2points better than his tournament average, and yet he's been powerless. In taking 11 of 12 legs, MvG has lifted his doubles from 38% to 41%. His average is now up to 109.69. The record for the final is 110 and a bit....

MvG like a giant yellow green snowball.....rolling remorselessly downhill.....

It's going to need the the mother of all comebacks from here.....but Gary just can't find any of the trebles.

Oooh, close...almost took out 117, but the final dart looked a bit rushed....he get's another chance as MvG can't take out 40....fails again.....madhouse for MvG? No!!! Finally, Gary gets d2 to end the pain.

And boom!! Gary leads off with a 180, follows up with a 140....but doesn't even get a shot at double as MvG just keeps on chomping.

1-1 then in the 8th set