Michael Van Gerwen

Gary Anderson



Replay the complete final in it's full glory here...


Anderson *needed* the 104 finish......the dart at double was an inch inside.....MvG takes the leg to lead 2-1.....leads off with a 180 and this final that started out with a bang, is finishing with a whimper.

MvG takes out 100 to claim set number 8. He's on the doorstep of a second word title. it's 6-2.

Prep time for the final set?

MvG has not had his throwing hand bricked in the break. 180 to start.

Slightest sniff of a chance and Gary can't find a double. 1-0 MvG

Tops fir Gary to level the set

Shanghai to break. No. MvG cleans up and its 2-1

MvG has two shots at the title from here.

115 for the title. And we have a stage invasion!!!!

Some muppet in a suit wanted the trophy! He's been "removed" for a good kicking. It's 2-2