Michael Van Gerwen

Gary Anderson



Replay the complete final in it's full glory here...


Anderson rings up the 700th 180. And another.

He's fighting!!! Anderson breaks to take the set.

6-3 MvG. Noise level just went up again!!

Gary has found his groove. Nothing to lose I guess. He's relaxed.

1-1 now in the set.

Gary takes the third leg. This crowd is right behind him now. 189s for fun.

2-2. Crowd baying for more drinking time.

180 for MvG. Replied to by Gary. Brilliant stuff.

And that's how you do it. Bull takes it. MvG is the champion of the world!!!!

What a finish to the match. Incredible stuff from Gary as he refused to lie down. But MvG is one hell of a competitor.