Album Review - Olly Murs 24 HRS


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3rd day of the writing challenge and I haven't started yet so with some time on my hands this afternoon I thought I'd get cracking. Checked the list and No. 1 is write an album review. Well hey, music just ain't my thing as you can tell by this random selection of my CD collection but I got Olly Murs for Christmas so I'll give him a go (the album review, just to be clear).

Following the success of 'Socks' this is likely to be somewhat of a disappointing bythemin because I was the one Leonard Cohen was on about when he said " You don't really care for music do ya?". I have no trust in my laptop's ability to play tune while I type so I've pulled out this dusty beast...

And inside is already loaded a CD for which I claim no responsibility whatsoever.

Here's the moody album cover, I've heard it's a post-break up collection which doesn't fill me with confidence that I'll like it but I'm keeping an open mind.

Song titles as follows:

Alan Wilson

You could write an interesting narrative from these titles alone, but I suspect the music will disappoint.

Off we go then. Track 1, You Don't Know Love

That one was released as a single before the album came out so is comfortable on my ears. Strong beat but now I have the lyrics in my hands I'm feeling it a bit differently. A lot less comfortable. Let's move on.

Track 2. Years and Years

That's better. Another one which has had a lot of airtime. This is a nice love song though. I can imagine it in a tv show or soppy movie.

Track 3 Grow Up