My Golf Life - Day 2 (4th January 2017)


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Hi, I am @robertscross and welcome to Day 2 of My Golf Life 2017 I think about golf every day, without fail. Maybe not daily but hourly or even (no pun intended) “ByTheMinute” I am a golf junkie. I can’t help it.

Now today I went to @CustomLabGolf at Beadlow Manor Golf Club, just outside Bedford. I have been here lots of times before and won’t go anywhere else for custom fitting.

Gavin and the team are outstanding on every level, I have recommended lots of my golfer friends to Custom Lab and ALL have been amazed at the availability, knowledge and un-biased approach to custom fitting, whatever level you play at a visit here will make a difference to your game.

So let’s get down to my fitting. My driver is old, in terms of technology its 6 years old. However, with a full bag of Titleist, it was with a heavy heart I decided to upgrade and have a little try of the M 2017 series. The reason and one reason only – my dad.

After years of telling him to go and see Gav, his 13 year old Ping G2’s had seen better days – so he did and he got a shiny new set of M2 irons. The story doesn’t end here……. No, he went back to Custom Lab Golf (I went with him) and he tried some shiny new drivers, he tried a lot, but kept going back to the M2. Hit a Callaway, “Ok” “Nah, don’t like it, can I have the M2 back please Gav?”

So he bought one – replacing his stiff shaft 10 year old Mizuno driver.

My Dad is 59 and still swings well, but he’s crept up to a 20 handicap. We recently played together, (as you know I’ve been out injured) and his driving was amazing. He was in play off every tee and hitting it 200-230 each time. On one hole, he showed me where the ball had hit – put it this way, his sharpie marks from the ball could be seen slightly on the white part of the driver face.

So for that reason only, I decided to have a go myself. I contacted Gavin who informed me the new M2 would be out end of December.

My current driver is a 9.5 degree Titleist 913 D3 with a stock stiff shaft. I hit it well; I got custom fit in St. Ives at Titleist HQ. I warmed up a bit, Gavin got us both a coffee, turned on his trusty TrackMan and I hit a few “tests” with the old driver. I ripped one after a couple of balls. That was the benchmark to beat.

I’m not going to bore you with stats etc, but let’s say on a cold day it flew 218 and rolled out to 240 and straight.