Top Gear Specials Rating (Recently on Dave)


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Hi all (again), I'm back today for a bit of an old Top Gear Specials marathon! All these specials have recently been on the TV channel of Dave and I'll be putting them in order (Out of 6), well... what else will you be doing with your day?? If you haven't seen, I'm @TimBonvilleGinn lets starts shall we??

in 6th out of all these is the old old old episode where they went to the USA and bought 3 cars for under $1,000.... It's a classic but out off all these that I have (See in picture) it's last I'm afraid!

Ahh how the music used to mean a brilliant hour or so of excellent entertainment! Jeremy, James and Richard! This is sooooo old, Richard Hammond has SHORT HAIR!

So these specials are, as I've said, on Dave, so adverts sometimes means they edit really good parts out of the shows which is EXTREAMLY annoying

So they start in Miami, FL where they look for a car under $1,000, Jeremy starts with Corvette's with Richard at a very classic American muscle cars! They're unsurprisingly too expensive! James was after cheaper cars and the others follow, but they haven't gone down into the bottom back end, end of town

The fact that Hammond wasn't shot because of him wearing cowboy boots is just amazing

They were getting desperate and even asking the locals! Which was brave, Jeremy arrived at the meeting point first in a Camaro! It is an absolute wreck! Hammond then goes and buys a pick-up truck, a Dodge Ram to be exact... They're just absolutely terrible cars!

Then James finally turns up in one of the worst, ugliest cars ever! It's an old Cadillac which moves around when you push it... they then open the boot of the Camaro and find some blood soaked clothes... well, they're murderers cars aren't they

They set off to a racing track! This is where we discover how, well, how can I put this.... How crap they are

They had to get under the time of 1'10" with Big Stig driving! The Camaro got 1'09" then, the Cadillac has a flat battery, he gets it going and it's a 1'14", the pick up next! 1'16.9! The final few corners were rubbish!