Beat the January Rush at the Gym.......


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Hi All, Its January and Its @Larne here attempting to step back in to the wonderful world of @bythemin and being an exercise nut for over 8 years i thought this would be the place to start...

Its that time of year where everyone goes and gets an expensive gym membership of around £40 a month and believes they will use it every day for the whole year…….

Well here @bythemin we like to do things a bit differently and we are here to help you save money but still get a great workout!

Sure gyms are swanky and they are flashy but also can be seen as intimidating places plus they require effort to actually go out and get there.

But how about if I told you – you could do an amazing work out without leaving comfort of your own home?

That’s right folks on this little beauty here you can download All sort of different exercise apps… (I am sure other smart phones are available)

(Screw it - this isn't the BBC Iphones are the best phone aren't they?)

And I have some great news.......

I have tested all the exercise apps out for you so you do not even have to do the exercise.

You can have them on your phone and feel very smug and healthy with them sat there on the phone. I am sure I read an article in the Mail once that said the intention of exercise can make you healthy**