F1 2016 - Baku Battles


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It's off-season right now, so, to beat the January Blues, let's have a drive around Baku, in the Force India as Sergio Perez. I'm @a_buckmaster, and let's go racing!

Lets take a quick look at the line up for the race from Qualifying earlier on. We're 7th, along side Felipe Massa who is in P8, while our teammate is behind us, in 9th.

Our strategy we decided upon was a 2 stop, with 2 sets on the supersofts, while having the final stint on the softs, as we need to use both compounds during the race.

Ok, the formation lap is done, tyres are warm, lets go racing!

We set our fuel to rich to get the most at the start. We are cautious on the first corner, we don't want a collision. Again, we break a bit early to stop another collision, then dive it into the second corner. We overtake Raikonnen and Verstappen, clipping him on the exit. We then hunt Vettel, and are quicker than him, and overtake him on the back straight.

On the second lap, on the long straight towards the line for lap 3, we are flying. The top three are in our sights, as I set the fastest lap on the race so far. As we cross the line to begin lap 3, DRS is now enabled. We break late into Turn 1, passing Ricciardo, and seeing a small space between Hamilton and the apex, we slide past and take 1st!

The team expect us to pit Lap 5, but the tyres have been working well, with not too much degradation, I therefore stay out while Ricciardo pits. Hamilton and Rosberg are battling with DRS, but I break late again, and gain some space between me and the Mercedes to cement my lead.

A lap later than planned, we pit on to softs instead. I have moved to a 1 stopper, trying to survive a long stint on the softs. We are joined by Verstappen in the pits, and we have a 2.5s onto softs. We overcut Ricciardo, who's in the traffic behind us, and we overtake Palmer for P9 coming out of Turn 2.

On the same lap, on the start/finish straight, we are still P9, and Hulkenburg, with others, have pitted. We overtake Hulkenburg and others who had pitted, and move into P7, with Raikonnen ahead of us.

We have crossed the line to start Lap 10, and Bottas is coming out of the pits. He has chosen a longer stint on the supersofts, unlike us, who have chosen a longer stint on the softs. He comes out ahead, but I slide and break late to cut him off, trying to push him. He has fresher tyres than me, on a quicker compound, so start to go ahead....