Tournament of Champions: Round Three



Here's the leaderboard as it stands. Hopefully we'll be back to cover the final round tomorrow - it's past my bedtime but someone else will step in and do the honours I'm sure.


Evening, Morning, Afternoon all and welcome to the 3rd round of the opening (proper) PGA event of the year. The SBS Tournament of Champions from the Plantation Course at Kapalua. @dralanwilson taking you through the next 2 hours or so.

So, the plan is that the winners of the tournaments from last season all come together to knock a ball around a course and the one who gets it in the 72 holes in the least number of shots takes all the glory. 20 millionaires slugging it out. PS That is in hexadecimal, there are actually 32 of them. Just checking you are paying attention

Here's your leaderboard as it stands.

Still waiting for some coverage and already the cliche-o-meter is alive and kicking - it's "moving day" on the PGA Tour.

Sky giving us some stats on the wall to wall coverage of golf to expect in 2017. Works for me, less so for my other half.

Leaderboard is very tight - pretty much anyone can win it with a couple of cracking rounds. Some nice establishing shots of the surf and what looks like a humpback whale. Nice.

OK, here we go. In time to see co-leader Walker on 2. Nice little 6 iron 220 and pretty perfect, middle of the green. Patrick Reed, same club and he's pulled it but gets a wee kick and is safely aboard.

Well, that was it. Back to the studio for more chat. FFS. I may as summarise it here. They'll all battle it out and someone will win.

Ryan Moore leaves his iron short. DJ on 6, putt just lags up right of the hole. Par 4 and stays at -9.

World #1 Jason Day on 5 for eagle - great putt and just pulls up short. Birdie 4 and moves to -9. Danger of getting interesting.