Australian National Men's Road Race 2017



Hello everyone! WE'VE MADE IT!! The Australian National Men's Road Race 2017 LIVE!! it's 96km to go with a big break up the road, McCarthy, Durbridge, Meyer and Ewan up there! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn to take you through this race!

The break is a little disorganised with such big names in the front group! If the break goes away and stays as a group then Ewan will win, if it goes all the way with attacks then I'll go with Meyer

This is so weird, I'm currently watching a periscope stream of a TV of a house in Australia which has the race on it! On adds now, very odd, weird to see they have the same Trivago add as us

Oh dear god Phil Liggett is one of the commentators!! Will he ever leave road cycling alone??

Morton having a little dig but it's all back after Durbridge drags them back

Van der Ploeg is setting a strong pace, just consistently... Durbridge leads the mountain classification apparently, didn't know that was a thing

Van der Ploeg does actually attack this time... 90km to go! Definitely an interesting choice

Currently 30 degrees C I'm Oz!! What!!!! I can't contemplate summer at the moment

McCarthy bringing Van der Ploeg back now but it's a decentish gap, Orica-Scott now have Docker hammering along on the front of the peloton

80km to go! That 10km has shot by! The chaser is over 2 mins down now