Women's Elite Cx National Champs UK 2017



Hello LIVE from Bradford!! It's the UK National Cyclo-cross championship!! This race is the women's elite!! Nikki Brammeier is unsurprisingly leading with around 2 laps done! She is miles ahead, about 1:00"

The field is already in bits!! Brammeier is going really well at the moment!

Hannah Paton in 2nd and Beth Crumpton in 3td for the moment!!

Anna Simpson has lost group for Hope! She's 4th

Brammeier is so far ahead it's crazy!! Not even 3 laps done!! She leads by way over a minute!

Some riders are a long long way back as Brammeier is ripping this route up!


Paton drops down a perilous drop! Crompton is riding well to be in 3rd

Annie Simpson started well but she's lost so much ground as Brammeier is onto the straight! 3 laps to go for her!!

3 laps to go for Nikki as 2nd hasn't hit the straight yet!!