Men's Elite Cx National Champs 2017



I'm BACK! We're off! This is sooooo hectic!! Field is leading!! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, this is mental!!

Field won here last time they raced here as he has a group of 5 chasing him!!

This race is far more open!! He's on his way to the pits area! My hands are sooooo cold!!

Field leads by around 25 seconds! It's a good race so far!

Member of my team involved today!!

Field onto the main straight! 16" gap to 2nd place!! 7 laps to go!

Field is riding really well! About 13" gap! Will he hold on for the rest of this race??

Strong lead!! It's fine out!! 22" gap now!

This so hectic! 6 laps to go!! And it's 19" gap at the straight entrance!

It's now a 27" gap from Field to 2nd place!! This is going out!!