My Golf Life - Day 6 (8th January 2017) January Stapleford


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Hi, I am @robertscross and welcome to Day 6 of My Golf Life 2017 I think about golf every day, without fail. Maybe not daily but hourly or even (no pun intended) “ByTheMinute” I am a golf junkie. I can’t help it. If you’ve missed days 1- 5 then have a little look here

So, here we are. My first competition of 2017, and actually my first official 'white' tees singles round since 3rd July 2016. I have to say I was excited.

I arrived 4hrs before my tee time and embarked on a extensive yoga and fitness workout. Followed by fruit and yoghurt..... Erm NO.....!

I arrived a bit early, had a fry up and hit about 20 balls. Quick putt and off we go. I was hoping to give you some exact yardages, but my new purchase of game golf has been somewhat of a let down. (hasn't synced, I've been in touch and I'm hoping for some assistance........)

Golf is hard And when you haven't played for 5 months, competitively for 6 its even harder. I won't bore you with a shot by shot account of my round. But I will tell you I finished 32nd out of 50 something.

My front 9 consisted of 4 double bogeys, and playing off 7 it's kind of game over. I finished with 12 points. My driving was a dream though. On the 1st tee I ripped one right down the middle, the same on 2, 3, 6, 7. But my iron play was poor. Chipping and putting was average.

Back 9 was almost like I knew what was going on. A superb birdie on stroke index 1 - 12th was a highlight. 18 points and I finished with 30 points. 41 won.

However on entering the clubhouse I was pleased to see the honours board updated and my name in golf club lights for the 3rd time......

I have to say I spent the round thinking.... 'It's great to be back' AND 'I've got a long way to go to get back to the level I want.' But I hit some great shots, lots of great chips and touch shots.

I don't want to talk about myself any longer. Because on hole 8 one of my playing partners had an ACE!!!!