Donald Trump Press Conference



Live stream (chortle chortle) of the Press Conference; Trump arrives at 48:50.



He does know a lot about cameras in hotel rooms...

Hello all, and welcome to our coverage of President-Elect Trump's first press conference for 168 days. Just a bit has happened in that time. Expect trade deals, economic policies, 'relationships' with all different types of Russians to feature. And all sorts of other nonsense I'd imagine.

He's expected to get underway in about 15 minutes. Until then, the stream above will continue to provide fanfare music on repeat, as well as a couple of men checking the microphone works every 12 seconds. Would be a dreadful shame if Trump was shut up by failing sound. Dreadful shame.

In case you've missed it, the last 24 hours have brought yet more scrutiny onto Trump and his team. American Intel chiefs have provided the President-Elect with information that Russia may have compromising information on him. Check Twitter for more details on just how compromising it is. Other social media sites are available.

The conference is being held in the lobby of Trump Tower. Obviously. Trump will deliver his spiel in front of far too many American flags and a blue backdrop.... because that makes him more presidenty. If that's a word. I don't know. Trump would. He's great with words. He has the best words.

Larne Tracey


Trump cutting it fine in terms of timings already. He won't want to leave it much longer, or Mike Pence will be President even before Trump gets a Press Conference. Slight hush.... maybe he's arrived? Nope, that was just the music finally dying down. Oh hang on, this particular patriotic album has a 2nd track! It's just as dreadful.

It appears to be a Russian marching song! Someone has a sense of humour. Two minute warning is called out. Until then, drown your sorrows with some Soviet anthems. What a treat on a Wednesday afternoon.

No, nothing is happening. 7 minutes late and counting. He's probably busy dealing with some overrated star somewhere. HURRY UP DONALD. NOW.

Well, well, well. We have some props on stage. Meat, wine, and water. No, not the start of a biblical miracle. It's Trump's own branded products. What a strange creature.

I see movement in the corner! And do I spot THAT mop of hair sticking out over the crowds.... No. No I don't. Quite a few people just entered the 'room', but the one we want to hear from is not among them.