Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey


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25 years ago this week, the Number One film at the UK Box Office (for the second week running) was probably the most bodacious sequel in the entire world ever. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Stephen Clark and this is the ByTheMinute take on Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

First of all I need to make a confession. I have never seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but have seen this (although only once and a long time ago), so I apologise in advance if there is a lack of understanding of certain plotlines etc.

So we are in San Dimas, California in the Year 2691 and Joss Ackland is showing another in his wide range of accents (his South African in Lethal Weapon 2 is a particular favourite) as he tells us that "they" are in the 2nd crucial turning point of their destiny. They are two fools he is talking about (Trump & Putin?) but he has a plan to thwart them.

We fade to Bill & Ted University where people dress like they are extras in New Order's True Faith video. Arriving by Phone box are Thomas Edison, JS Bach and James Martin of Faith No More and 23rd Century inventor of the statiophonic oxygentic ampliaphonic graphadeliciverberator Ria Perchell They are here to talk about Physics of Acoustical Reverberation. Most Excellent.

Suddenly in bursts a band of black clad soldiers, with Ackland following. He is actually called De Nomolos and he wants to change the course of history using automoton Bill and Ted's.

Their mission is to totally kill Bill and Ted and take their places. Bogus. THey jump into the time machine Phone Box (seen that idea somewhere else) and head back in time. However the teacher who was taking the class Rufus, attaches himself to the time machine and heads back with them.

We head back into the past then where Bill (Alex Wynter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) along with medieval princesses from England, Joanna and Elizabeth, are auditioning for a Battle of the Bands contest with their group Wyld Stallyns. Unfortunately they blow!!

However Miss Wardroe (Pam Grier) decides to give them a shot, although they will be last on. Bill says that they won't let her down. They head to a birthday party for Missy, Bill's stepmom who has married Ted's dad. All a bit weird.

The guys head outside to talk to Elizabeth and Joanna. They get down on bended knees to propose and give them plastic rings, with the promise of better to come if they win the $25K on offer at Battle of the Bands. It's at this point that evil Bill and Ted arrive from the future.

They communicate back to De Nomolos via Ted's eye that they have arrived and are ordered to kill good Bill and Ted. Rufus has disappeared on the journey back through time.