Modern Family S8 E3- Blindsided


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Hello everyone and welcome to what I believe is the first time Modern Family has been covered on ByTheMinute, I'm Chris Rolfe

I found Modern Family just before the new year and I've become totally obsessed with it, Ive watched all 168 episodes in the last 12 days and I've been having withdrawal symptoms since i finished

Now I'm not totally sure how this is going to go as I don't know if I can get the comedy across well in a live blog, so please, If you're watching and following, let me know what you think as I don't want to not do the show justice

Tonights episode is called Blindsided and the main focus is on Manny and Luke as they battle it out to become Class President

Im counting down the seconds til it starts, I cant get across to you quite how obsessed I am with this show, Who's everyones favourite character?

Graham Terris

They're all first class characters

Chris Rolfe (@ChrisRolfe16)

Couldn't agree more, they're all likeable in their own way

We start in the Dunphy Household with Phil on the phone to a client

Attempting to sell a murder house isn't going to be easy for Phil, meanwhile Alex cant talk due to her Mono, using written signs

Haley comes in, wearing a very sparkly dress, just in from work promoting a bar, Phil is very supportive

Over to Cam and his high school football team, starting the season 3-0

Oh no, tears from Cam, his star player is leaving and just like that we're into the principals office with Luke and Claire