Women's Six Nations: Exciting New Developments Announced

Rugby U


The Six Nations is just around the corner, but one competition which runs alongside the popular men's tournament that doesn't get such acclaim in the media is the Women's Six Nations championship. However, to bring this into the 21st century, a raft of announcements have been made to spread the word about the ever-increasingly watched tournament.

From this year, every single match will be available for viewers to watch on tv or streamed online via Youtube or Facebook. This is something which many sports have tried to varying degrees of success, and one which will hopefully boost the women's game. There have been the occasional match streamed online before, but the picture quality wasn't great. This is also changing in 2017.

The Six Nations council has been working with the six unions to ensure all matches are produced for television. So expect multiple camera angles, match graphics and a whole lot more. There will be an additional roundup highlights programme on the BBC on Sunday evenings too. Whether part of a men's show or separate is still unclear at this point. Let's hope this guy stays well clear...

The full schedule can be viewed below for the tv/online coverage. It seems when a game isn't on tv in one of the 6 countries participating, it'll be available online.

New social media channels will also be launched to support this growth. It seems the Twitter feed has already been started (@Womens6Nations, with 135 followers so far - go on, give it a follow!) Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram would be other channels I'd assume would launch before the tournament starts.

Finally, a new logo for the tournament has been unveiled, see below for the new design. John Feehan, Chief Executive of Six Nations Rugby said: "This is an exciting development for Women's rugby and it will give us a great base to work on for the future." For the first time in the competition, supporters in each country will be able to watch all of their team's matches to a high quality."

These new plans look set to give the women's tournament a big boost. It's been a long time coming! Although logistically it would be a difficult task to undertake, it would be great if they could play more of the women's games before or after the men's games to encourage even bigger crowds to watch their matches. Only England v France will share men's/women's matches this time round.

The women's competition kicks off on Friday 3rd February with Italy vs Wales from 2pm, followed by Scotland vs Ireland at 6.35pm. We'll try to cover as many matches as we possibly can throughout the tournament. Hopefully the YouTube stream will be embedded too!