Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings



Right folks, it's the final game of the 2015 NFL regular season and it doesn't get bigger than this...

The Minnesota Vikings visit Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers, with the NFC North title on the line. Grab a coffee, folks...

Btw, full disclosure - I'm a Vikings fan, so if any of my upcoming posts look like they have a purple tint... well, now you know!

Green Bay are the defending NFC North champions, however as Rik Flair says, to be the man you got to beat the man. WHOOO!

If anyone's out there feel free to reply during the game, will need all the help I can get to stay up!

Here we go then... It's SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!

(...or Monday Morning Football if you're us...)

Not great situation for an O-Line that's already struggling...