1992 WWF Royal Rumble


ByTheMinute 1992

Here's video of the match. For some reason Dailymotion won't embed properly.


Hogan, because he's a giant asshole grabs Sid by the arm and tries to pull him out. Flair from behind eliminates Sid. Flair is the champion!!!

Ric Flair wins!! hogan gets back in the ring because it's all about the Hulkster. Flair bails. Sid gets in the ring to rightly kick Hogan's ass.

They have a shoving match. Officials come in to break up their handbags.

Hogan does his ear cup to the fans. They rightly boo him. Sid wants to fight. Hogan wants to pose and pretend he's not an asshole. Monsoon calls it "Trouble In Paradise" which is a nice look to the future for Hogan.

Flair then cuts the best promo of all time, highlighted by this.

And that my friends was the 1992 Royal Rumble. Still great after all these years. We're 10 days away from the 2017 incarnation. Can it live up to it? We'll see. I'm Jody Jamieson, signing out!