1992 WWF Royal Rumble


ByTheMinute 1992

Here's video of the match. For some reason Dailymotion won't embed properly.


Boss Man rolls in the ring. Heenan calls him a country bumpkin. Repo Man just eliminated Valentine! Repo Man getting the Roman Reigns push!

Or not. Boss Man dumps Repo Man. Oh well.

Flair eliminates the British Bulldog! And Kerri Von Erich!

#14 is Hercules. Shawn Michaels and Tito Santana just eliminated each other.

So we have 4 in the ring. Flair, Barbarian, Hercules and the Boss Man. Barbarian is kicking the crap out of Flair, and tries to eliminate him. Hercules dumps Barbarian, and then Boss Man throws out Hercules!

BossMan tries to eliminate Flair, does a wacky jump, eliminates himself in the most clumsy way possible. Flair all on his own. For a few seconds. Here comes #15...

It's Roddy Piper! Flair is dejected. Piper goes crazy!

Flair rolls outside. Piper chases him down. Few chops. Throws him back in. Piper goes to the second rope. Punches as the crowd counts. Flair tries an inverted atomic drop. Piper counters with a poke to the eye, and an AIRPLANE SPIN! Shades of Eugene.

Piper with the sleeper. The clock goes down. #16 is... Jake The Snake Roberts and his awesome moustache!

Dean Constantine

Look out for Piper, IRS and the tie elimination. Classic.

Jody Jamieson

Can't wait!

Roberts sits in the corner, watches the sleeper for a few seconds then then boots Roddy. I guess Jake was a heel at this point.