1992 WWF Royal Rumble


ByTheMinute 1992

Here's video of the match. For some reason Dailymotion won't embed properly.


Flair goes to high five Roberts who then clotheslines him. He's just a dick to everyone. He gets a figure 4 for his troubles. Piper just kicks everyone.

Time for #17. Hacksaw Jim Duggan! He's got the 2x4 and all.

Hacksaw gets a USA chant going as he beats up Ric Flair, the American. Ok...

Piper and Flair trade chops. Duggan breaks it up. Here comes #18

Irwin R Schyster! The taxman! Wonder if he'll be going after Trump tomorrow. The ultimate face turn.

So we have IRS, Duggan, Flair, Piper and Roberts. Duggan grabs IRS by the tie. "He's got him by the tongue!" screams Heenan. The Brain is awesome.

Dean Constantine

Don't you wish The Brain was still on comms. Got to say thinking of classic commentators, Graves reminds me of The Body. Still, they're no Bobby Heenan.

Jody Jamieson

He was so absolutely brilliant.

IRS stomps a mud hole in Piper and him and Flair double team him. Duggan breaks it up. Here's the clock.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka is #19. I'll leave that one alone this week.

So we've still got Savage, Flair, Undertaker and Sid Justice to come. I know that. #20 on the way next...

Dean Constantine

Don't forget the Warlord.

The Undertaker! With Paul Bearer!