1992 WWF Royal Rumble


ByTheMinute 1992

Here's video of the match. For some reason Dailymotion won't embed properly.


Undertaker does his traditional slow walk to the ring which he'll be doing next Sunday too. He eliminates Snuka straight away. Then grabs Flair by the throat. Heenan says "it's all over"

Duggan tries to pry the Undertaker off Flair. Taker hoofs him in the balls.

Flair who apparently 10 minutes ago had been in for 30 minutes, has now been in for 32 minutes. Here comes the Macho Man at #21!!

Savage goes straight for Jake. Jake bails outside. Undertaker grabs the Macho Man by the throat. Jake comes in to fight. Savage unloads on Jake!

Double axe handle off the top. Savage eliminates Jake! And then eliminates himself going after Jake! Clown.

Taker throws Savage back in the ring. Was that a botch by Savage? I have no memory of this.

Heenan says because he threw himself out he's still in. Bring back the Big Boss Man then! I love how random the rules are from year to year in the early days of the Rumble.

Duggan tries to eliminate the Undertaker. I was about to say what a shambles that would be, and then I remembered 10 years later Taker got eliminated by Maven!

#22 is the Berzerker!

Savage suplexes Flair back into the ring. There's some really dumb people in the Royal Rumble. Savage is clearly the dumbest.