1992 WWF Royal Rumble


ByTheMinute 1992

Here's video of the match. For some reason Dailymotion won't embed properly.


It's Hulk Hogan brother!!

Hogan goes after Flair. He then gets slowed down by the Undertaker. Taker, Berzerker and IRS triple Team him but Hogan fights it off and eliminates the Undertaker! And the Berzerker!

Jim Duggan just eliminated by WRESTLING SUPERSTAR VIRGIL! But Virgil sucks so he eliminated himself in the process. Here comes #27. Skinner! LOL I forgot he was a thing.

Hogan tries to dump Flair but IRS makes the save.

Flair and Martel try to eliminate Piper but he's not having it. Skinner is working over Hulk Hogan, which is hilarious to watch.

Hogan does such a mighty clothesline he hits Flair then Skinner in one go. Here comes Sargeant Slaughter!

Skinner gets dumped by Martel.

Two left to come. Flair has broken the record. Up to 55 minutes. Heenan says they should just give him the title. Indeed.

Here's the clock. #29 is Sid Justice! The crowd explode for Sid!

Flair and IRS work over Hogan. Sid goes after Piper. Sarge and Savage fighting in the corner.