Son of @wellway27 here to see if the Jets can secure a first round bye against the Bills, who cannot make the playoffs. Mbm coming up!

Jets 3rd and 15 on their own 7...and its FUMBLED but the Jets are able to recover the ball 0-0 1st Quarter

3rd and 3 for Bills after being unable to gain first down last play...they Taylor runs it and it's a TOUCHDOWN!

Bills QB Taylor runs it from just past the 30 all the way to the end zone. They convert the PAT to take a 7-0 lead. 0-7 1st Quarter

Touch back from Jets in kick return...Ridley runs it out of bounds for gain of 2. 0-7 1st Quarter

3rd and 8 and Fiztgerald throws it but the receiver can't get the 1st down and they're forced to punt away on 4th down. 0-7 1st Quarter

Bills run the football to get first down on their own 40...they run it for gain of 7. 0-7 1st Quarter

Gillisie runs it past the 50 onto the Jets 45. Bills getting a lot of first downs. 0-7 1st Quarter

The first quarter is over with Bills up 7-0. Jets need to get their act together if they want to push up the playoff spaces

They run it round past the ten and the Bills think they've got a TD but Williams can't stay inbounds. 0-7 2nd Quarter