The Women's March: From London and Washington



Live stream from Washington of the Women's March


Morning everybody, @grahamterris here and I'm on my way into London for the Women's March; not a march by women but a march for women. I'll try to post pics and updates when/if I can grab a data connection.

Judging by this tube train, it's going to be a busy one!

Lots of people posting their images on their way to the march. Here's a few examples, starting with a smiling group.

There will be quite a few witty banners on display today. This is a very good starter for ten.

Boots and shoe selfies also seem a way of spreading the word today. Good to see these women well prepared to walk today!

Not just London and Washington these protests are taking place today. This is the current scene in Edinburgh.

Graham here, outside the US embassy. Here's a pic...

I'm sure the robin is happier than the eagle

Stella Creasy is due to speak outside the embassy right now, but she seems to be lost. I doubt whether the Ambassador to the Court of St James is here. The old one was a cool guy, the new one an heir to Johnson & Johnson and owner of the New York Jets.

He's also called Woody 🤔