van Barneveld




Good afternoon all, and first things first, thanks to @jrawly91 for the coverage - excellent debut! And pretty good from MVG too - that 170!

@Ugster1 with the second semi - Barney v Taylor - and back for the final later - already looking forward to covering MVG again.

So, who will MVG meet in that final? Time for a couple of old(er) masters with about three million titles between them to decide that.

Chris Clark

Taylor will win this 16-7.

Matt (@Ugster1)

Sounds like a good prediction, I might give Barney a couple more legs

Mr Mardle tipping Taylor. As am I, let's got for 16-10. Players on the way, van Barneveld first on stage.

So here we go, RVB with the darts in the odd numbered legs. Hits the first maximum of the match, and finishes 76 easily to take first leg.

Second maximum for Barney to start the leg. But then follows up with 55, such a frustrating player! But gets break with 80 out - two up!

Good scoring from Taylor gets him first to a finish, a two dart 60 means he breaks straight back. 2-1 down now.

Ooooh, Barney just misses bull for a 126, which allows Taylor to finish instead. All square.

Barney misses his 104 out (can't hit the double 16). But Taylor can't take advantage on 32! RVB then only needs one for d8 into the break

Match hasn't really caught fire yet, steady from both players. Some stats for you: