Unibet Masters Quarter Finals



Anderson taking charge as Barney completely dropped off after that 170 checkout He leads 4-1 and hasn't really hit top gear yet

Anderson with a very impressive 11 dart checkout and leads 5-2

At least the crowd getting into with 'Stand up if you love the Darts' RVB pegs a leg back 5-3

Awesome from Gazza as he takes 138 no trouble ..In complete control 6-3 up

And now 7-3 up...I hear a fat lady warming up

Life in Barney yet ? He breaks for 7-4 then starts the next 180/140

Possibly ...A 141 checkout and its 7-5

Barney gets his 2nd bounce out and that costs him as Anderson converts and leads 8-5

Anderson showing off now as he hits treble 18 and then two double tops to lead 9-5

9-6 but now Anderson has 141 for the match