If I Could Book The Royal Rumble...



Hi everyone. Tonight it's the Royal Rumble live from the Alamodome in San Antonio. Jody Jamieson here, with a suggestion of how I'd book the Royal Rumble. Here's 10 key points. I'd put forward.

Now we all have ideas of what should happen tonight, but I'm just putting forward some thoughts of what I'd do with the most star studded Rumble in a while. Feel free to disagree in the comments below. I always think I'm the best retrospective booker ever, so let's see if I can do it before I've picked it apart. Likely not, but let's go..

SHINSUKE NAKAMURA DRAWS #2 Want to get Nakamura in the Rumble? Give him A) The iron man role (more on that later) and B) The full entrance. Place would go crazy and you could make him a star in one night the way AJ Styles was last year.

BRAUN STROWMAN DRAWS #7 Clear the ring (with Nakamura being knocked to the outside but not eliminated) and he eliminates The Big Show with a few seconds left on the clock. He stares down the ramp, and James Ellsworth comes out #8. Greatness would ensue. Strowman would then toss Ellsworth quickly, Nakamura would get back in the ring and survive to #9….

UNDERTAKER DRAWS #9 We get the slow entrance. A still kind of dead Nakamura lies in the corner being ignored as Strowman stares down the Dead Man. Undertaker's entrance takes so long they're still staring off as the clock counts down...

MIZ DRAWS #10, AND COMES OUT TO DANIEL BRYAN'S MUSIC This is kind of a link together of a couple of ideas. First off I love Tye Dillinger, and if he debuts, he’s coming in number 10. But honestly, he shouldn’t. First off, they’ll quickly regret enabling the 10 chants. Putting Miz in here is perfect. You send Miz to the booth like he did last year after the greatest heel entrance of all time.

MOJO RAWLEY DRAWS #11, AND IS THE WARLORD Just because it’s Mojo fucking Rawley. I’d have him do the goofball entrance, and then get tossed immediately by Braun Strowman after he shakes and gyrates. I know you should do that to a heel and not a babyface, but it would be so excellent.

RUSEV COMES IN IN THE MIDDLE, AND FINISHES RUNNER UP Rusev is the best. Send him in between 12-15, and then have him be the last elimination. Just because. Perhaps he tosses Nakamura, because it would be good heat. I have him and Nakamura lasting the longest, and you pick between them who gets the longest official time.

A SHOCK ELIMINATION With so much star power, this is a night for a “Maven just eliminated the Undertaker!” moment. My pick? I’d have Sami Zayn eliminate Braun Strowman. Have Brawn getting rocked by a big guy (perhaps still Undertaker) and then he's blindsided by Sami, who Helluva Kicks him over. You then have Braun kill Sami on Raw tomorrow.

SETH ROLLINS BEATS UP A GEEK AND STEALS HIS SPOT This is an old trick they haven’t done in ages. I remember Kurt Angle did it to Nunzio way back when where he just stole his number. I don’t know if it’s Curtis Axel or Bo Dallas or Fandango, but choose one and this needs to happen.