If I Could Book The Royal Rumble...



ROLLINS IS ELIMINATED VIA MUSIC DISTRACTION At some point the clock counts down and Triple H’s music hits. Seth turns to face the tron. The music stops. Someone tosses him (doesn’t matter who) and then when he’s on the floor you hit someone else’s music. Someone who wasn’t one of the guys he destroys backstage comes down. Seth brutalises them in the entrance way like a madman.

THE FINAL FOUR Samoa Joe debuts and is eliminated by Goldberg. Then Goldberg is tossed by Brock Lesnar, setting up your final 2. Brock Lesnar and Rusev. Brock, who has earlier eliminated the entire Wyatt Family for revenge for last year, then tosses Rusev to win the match, and challenge for the Universal Title at Wrestlemania.

Now you have Kevin Owens retain the title tonight, then lose it to Goldberg at the next PPV, setting up Goldberg-Lesnar III for the title at Mania and boom! You have your program. You have Jericho somehow cost Owens the title which maybe sets up a program with them and you move on.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts. What's your plans? Let me know in the comments! I'm Jody Jamieson, signing out. Howard Crossland will have live coverage of the Royal Rumble here >>>> http://www.bytheminute.co/events/4311 Coverage will begin at midnight. Enjoy the Rumble!

Alistair Sargent

Got to be the night Y2J goes on the list. The list of Rumble winners. Balor returns. Brock and Goldberg cancel each other out and neither is near a title match they dont need to be important. Reigns gets booed out the building and Tyler Bate is in the Rumble to keep the UK title prominent

Alistair Sargent

Oh and Strowman and Big Show have more of a face off. Show hasnt done all that work to have a Mania retirement match with a non-wrestler. Show vs Braun at Mania is the one. But I like your idea that Sami could eliminate Braun as he goes toe to toe with 1 of the other beasts