Royal Rumble 2017



Owens throws reigns shoulder first into the steel steps!

Owens gets about 15 chairs from under the ring.

Owens with the momentum now, cannonball by Owens!

Cannonball by Owens through the barricade!

Owens sets up the chairs

Owens going for the powerbomb but reigns counters!

Owens building a theatre of chairs. Back in the day, one was all you needed.

Clothesline from reigns and it's now reigns who's got the momentum!

James has hit some technical issues, so I'm Howard Crossland taking up the reins from here (no pun intended). Wrestling 101. Build something... someone's going through it...

D-Von! Get the tables! Reigns brings wood into the ring, Owens hits the backstabber for a 2.