Royal Rumble 2017



Owens with a frog splash to the outside through the table!

Jericho throws Owens the brass knuckles! But he hits only for a 2!

Reigns with a roll up for 2 and a Supershit punch for 2.9!

Stunner by Owens! 2.9!

Both guys on the top rope... Reigns with the Supershit punch sends Owens through the chairs! Told you someone had to go through it!

And Reigns with a power bomb through the table on Owens!

But... BRAUN STROWMAN IS HERE!!! He destroys Reigns outta nowhere!!!!

Strowman slams Reigns off the post, through the announce table, and through a table in the ring.

A battered Owens lies ontop of a dead Reigns, and he retains the title. Textbook heel work.

Still the Universal Champion.. KEVIN OWENS