Royal Rumble 2017



Here's the silver fox, Shane O Mac. Sami Zayn gets a ball from the raffle, so does Ambrose. Classic rumble shenanigans.

Jody Jamieson

Randomly reveal that Sami Zayn has drawn #8.

Avid viewers will know that Zayn has got number 8 there. Ambrose drew it, but he had it upside down. Cheers Jody!

Jody Jamieson

Ruins my Braun Strowman at 7, then James Ellsworth at #8 moment. But could do it consecutively somehwere else.

Next up, Neville vs Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight Championship!

Who's your tips for the Rumble? Let us know in the comments. Mine (Howard) is Finn Balor at 30 for the win. James is going for the Taker.

Coby Hayes


Jody Jamieson

I had Braun Strowman, but I now think Reigns comes out and eliminates him, because Roman is really a heel.

Swann vs Neville underway. The nearest to JR, Mauro Ranallo, has joined us. Top rope drop kick from Nev for a 2.

Neville very impressive in the early going here, dominating Swann.

Swann back in it, but Nev throws him from barricade to barricade.

Swanny gets the upper hand with a jump to the outside and a roundhouse kick!

Tonight's presentation sponsored by Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ, btw. Who else.

2.9 after a roll up by Swann! Good match.