My Golf Life - Days 35 & 36 (7th/8th February) What's Coming Up!


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Hi, I am @robertscross and welcome to Days 35 & 36 of My Golf Life 2017 I think about golf every day, without fail. Maybe not daily but hourly or even (no pun intended) “ByTheMinute” I am a golf junkie. I can’t help it. If you’ve missed days 1- 34 then have a little look here

Now, I came at you on Sunday with news of this blog moving to a weekly blog rather than daily.... But as I began writing and subsequently my thoughts after were that a week is too long!!!!

So I'm going to go back to more frequent updates, and hopefully this will allow for events as they happen!

Things have actually been very quiet on the golf front, yesterday I watched Mark Crossfield on YouTube again, playing Harbour Town. Both of the players are professional and played a Matchplay format. I know there is the thought that golf is supposed to be fun...... But I think we all define fun differently, and by different standards

I'm not a professional and I find the challenge of each round and each shot, trying to play each one to the best of my ability one of the fun elements of golf. Now other people may not be interested in improving, and simply see golf as a way to enjoy the outdoors and company of others.

Now, and I am assuming that neither of the players physically paid out of their own pocket for this round (I maybe wrong, apologies if Im wrong) the fact that one of them has a well known travel company logo on their waterproof though.... But (and it was entertaining) I kept thinking to myself WHAT A WASTE!!! How many of us would love the chance to play at a PGA Tour event....??

I'd love to as a minimum play a Stapleford scoring round..... So each to their own, these guys are at a level where Matchplay is fun for them, I would choose something different....

Today, I visited a good mate who is working towards becoming a PGA He changed my grip on my Scotty putter, gone away from Mid Size to a standard grip

Almost immediately I noticed a difference, a lot more feel and control. I have putted my best with a standard grip on. The only issue is I'm not playing until 4th March!

So, on Saturday, the family and I are off on a California Road Trip.... Into San Francisco and traveling down to San Diego.... Super excited.