My Surprise Half Term Trip To...?



It's Friday 10th February at 12.36pm. I've just finished work for half term and have met Mrs G outside in the car park. For Christmas she's got me a half-term holiday break. Where to? Don't know. That's just mean, right?

Rachel Halliday

Have a sooper time 😂😀

My guess: well, I've hinted at wanting go visit Iceland in the past. And she did say I was to pack warm clothes. So that fits in nicely. We've packed a suitcase and two hand luggage which suggests we're flying too. But apart from that? No other clues. We are currently on the A68 heading north. So, England...sorry. We're not visiting you.'s also snowy now.

Well this has thrown me completely off now. The dogs are with us. Therefore flying is ruled out of possible transportation means. Trip to the Highlands? Boat from Rosyth?? Your guess is literally as good as mine now.

Still on the road to Edinburgh. Question is, are we going into the city or bypassing it? Answers soon. I guess. Can you tell I don't like surprises yet?


This might just be the highlight of my day so far trying to and reading you trying to work this out.

Paul Chapman

It's Costco at Straiton isn't it.....

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Following Paul's comment below, it's not Costco at Straiton we're heading for. It is however Starbucks at Dreghorn Link. Hopefully not final destination.

The latest road news is that we're on the M9. If you don't know your Scottish motorways, Google it. Though that has just changed to the M90. Forth Road Bridge territory. I swear to God if we're going to Dundee for this, there's gonna be a divorce.

Alan Wilson

How's your ski legs? Next stop, Cairngorms.

Auld bridge

Aulder bridge

New bridge

Did some Googling for places in this area...asked Mrs G if any were right. Largely 'no comment' was a the response. Though her face did change when I mentioned Crieff Hydro...interesting...

Alan Wilson

Thumbs up from Crieff Hydro from me - nice wee golf course there too.