My Surprise Half Term Trip To...?



Not sure quite how well this panorama shot will be displayed on this website, but here goes nothing. Taken just around the corner from Bonar Bridge.

On Sunday, we took a stroll around the "Big Burn Walk" at Golspie. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed this. Sitting for a photo...not so much.

There were a couple of waterfalls in the burn walk. Here's the first. More of a trickle compared to the 2nd I will say.

This was the main attraction. I could imagine going down that on a dingy in the summer months. Maybe.

Monday saw us head right up north to John O'Groats. It's largely just a sign at this time of the year, with a few tourist shops nearby.

After that we took a short trip to Duncansby Head to see the glorious stacks that are in situ there. Genuinely breathtaking.

The Smoo Caves were next on our hit list. Well worth a visit if you're up in that neck of the woods.

Indie certainly approved of the caves. Probably because when she was inside them, there wasn't a freezing wind!

Geordie also enjoyed the caves...and was totally not forced to lie down on top of them just so I could get this photo of her...

Arguably the highlight of the entire trip came by pure chance. Four stags (we think they must have been pretty young as they showed no sign of fear) standing on top of some rocks by the road side!