My Surprise Half Term Trip To...?



Beautiful creatures, that actually crossed the road right infront of us and walked very calmly along to wherever they were going next.

The view from our Highland cottage looked like this, by the way.

And this was the cottage that we stayed in for the four nights. Lovely and cosy too.

Yesterday's trip back included a wander around the newly opened Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre. A rather impressive view from on top of the dam.

And finally, we rounded our trip off by visiting the Kelpies for the first time. A great long weekend. Shame it had to end. If you need any more details about the places we visited, just leave a comment and I'll forward on the place names and addresses. Do take a trip up to the "proper north" sometime. You'll love it. Promise.

Alan Wilson

Some great photos Roddy.

Matt (@Ugster1)

Lovely pics, ta. Mrs @Ugster1 is half Scottish, so at some point we do plan to get up there for a visit - hadn't thought we'd go this far, but very tempting now.