Rugby U


TRY!!!!! France finally find a way over....Fickou in the right hand corner.....offloading skill in there was had to come.

32mins: Lopez squeezes the convert in...13 - 5 France and it's looking ominous for Scotland. They can't slow France down.

Scotland though collect the restart and have gotten to withing 2m. Penalty advantage for Scotland too

Price with a pass for's intercepted and Jaco Peyper takes play back for the penalty. France making 216metres to Scotland's 103.....12 to 2 in offloads.

Finn Russell to take a pot at goal. Nails it. 13 - 8

Laidlaw watching from the sideline in a protective boot......John Barclay off for a HIA.....Hardie on

Russell goes up for a high ball with Nacitafi.......ruled, rightly a fair contest for possession......Russell does have history! Scotland with another penalty. Russell from the French 10.......through the middle, ruins a camera..... 13-11, 1minute or so to half time

Scotland collecting the restart, trying to work their way out of the 22.......Price's up and under not collected cleanly but falls for France....

Last period of pressure in the half....

Spilled forward....half time. France 13, Scotland 11. It's been tough, bruising and physical. France making yards much more easily than Scotland, but they are also having to make more tackles. Scotland probably the happier, they've been under the cosh, but, have held on and are in touch.