The BAFTA Film Awards 2017



Goooooood evening everyone! Anna here (@annalogue_x), I'm going to be building up to the BAFTA awards and covering the first hour or so until Olivia takes over from me! I've never covered anything like this, so I'll try my best to make it exciting for you!

So people have been steadily arriving on the red carpet for a good while now, I'll share some pictures of any particularly interesting outfits!

Kate and Prince William have arrived; I only WISH I could pull off a dress like this!

Some more dresses that I could NEVER pull off...

Pretty sharp is right, top marks to you sir!

This one is unique!

I don't understand this either; anyone have thoughts?

Viola Davis is looking BEAUTIFUL!

Eddie Redmayne is ROCKING the white tux!

Too right!