The BAFTA Film Awards 2017



Thank you for joining me and Anna, I'm off to be frustrated by the Grammys but would love to hear opinions on the winners of tonight's awards

Anna Logue

I thought Moana would get the Best Animated Film, but I'm by no means an expert!

Nice to see 13th picking up an award and a nice range of films being honoured before the show including home for short film, arrival for sound design, a love story for short animated film, Jackie for costume design and plenty more which you can find here

From what I saw an enjoyable (if unsurprising and possibly overly fixated on La La Land) awards show with some moving speeches and deserving honorees

A great speech there and now time to close out the show

Mel Brooks everyone

Then we have a montage of some of his work which is one of those times that you remember just how much someone has been involved in creating

It's a charming introduction with hitler jokes (less awful than that sounds) and a little jab about Hamilton not winning as many Tony awards as The Producers

He's replaced by simon pegg and Nathan lane who will be talking about Mel Brooks' career

Prince William is here to introduce the fellowship

There is now royalty onstage everyone