The BAFTA Film Awards 2017



Annnd the winner is; Dev Patel!

And that has been my last category for this evening, Olivia will be taking you through the rest! I hope you enjoyed the coverage so far, be sure not to go anywhere!

Hi guys it's Olivia (@dogsorBAFTAs) here! As you can possibly guess by my twitter name (which is quite difficult to explain) I'm very excited to be able to talk you through the rest of the show, taking over from Anna.

Dev Patel very sweetly overwhelmed here

But still managing to fit in all of his thank yous

Little judge based jibe from Stephen there, wonder who that's aimed at

We come to the time of the show where we remember the people lost through the year with accompaniment from the BBC young musician of the year

A very moving tribute

The next award is the Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema, presented by Isabelle Huppert

So we now have a montage taking us back through the years of curzon