BDO Darts Championships



First match is Wesley Harms who has a medallion that would give Bobby George a run for his money versus Romanian champion Jamie Hughes

First up is Dutch medallion man Wesley Harms versus Romanian champion Brit Jamie Hughes

4G is sketchy at best so bear with...Harms 2 up in the first set

Hughes levels at 2 apiece in the first

Hughes goes a set up after being 2 down ....Impressive

They actually pump in dry ice for it to appear smoky like the old days

11 darter from Hughes and he goes 2 nil up

Harms takes the 3rd set with some darts but more importantly the 2nd jug of lager has just arrived

Hughes now 3-1 up

Just met some fella from Chicago of all places so slightly distracted but Hughes romping this and now 4-1 up