Join in the fun of a Londoner's commute to work in the big smoke


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Hi all, it's @jennyelsom here. After I got assaulted on the London underground last night, just because someone wanted to sit down more than I did, I got really down about the selfishness of the world on even this most basic of levels

Anna Logue

That's terrible; I hope you're okay!


Yeah I'm fine, but thank you for checking xx

I don't enjoy commuting but I love my job and don't want to give it up. I just thought I'd start this mini blog to distract and entertain myself on my Friday journey

So I'm on my way now. As I left my house I was greeted by a cacophony of singing from the local bird population. Living in the city, I'm not usually used to so much noise from wildlife... crazy drunk people yes, but this is a very nice alternative

7 minute wait for a bus. Ugh! I missed one because I was trying to post here while I was walking. I've already become one of those people my husband and I refer to as "oblivious "

Ok so I'm at the underground station (Hornchurch if you're wondering) and there's nobody here. Where is everyone? Oh yeah, it's half term.... but it's been busy all week..... oh well, enjoy it while it lasts

"New" train is here. It's one of those ones without sectioned carriages so you can see down the whole train. I let someone go in front of me to get on. She said thank you. Good Lord, there is actually someone nice out there

Only 2 people reading a newspaper. Everyone else has their head in their phone ( I am one of them today). One solitary person leafing through a paperback book (that's normally me). When did people stop reading actual books?

Just got to Dagenham Heathway and half the population of east London just got on the train. So that's where everyone is. That delightful town of daaarrrggeeenhaaaarrm as someone once described it when I met them on holiday

Wooo we're flying through this morning. Already in Upney, and wait..... there's someone in shorts and flip flops. I know it got a bit warmer this week, but seriously?

Barking..... I can smell the fried chicken already. Plus phone signal will drop out in 3....2....1......