Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix



Chambers Crushing everyone, so fast! Bishop catching now! Chambers, Bishop and another are at the front. Oskan-Clarke now coming. Jozwik wins out of nowhere! Jozwik wins 2:01.1 Oskan-Clarke and Lindh in 2nd and 3rd.

Men's 60m heats now. Heat 1: Lee Aikines-Aryeetey GB Glittens Baker Clarke Dasaolu GB Henderson Forte

Baker leads by far at the start, Clarke catches him though and Forte just takes 3rd. and almost takes 2nd from Clarke. Dasaolu 4th.

Heat 2: Talbot GB De Escofet GB Kilty GB Fisher Collins Ujah GB Otugade GB Mitchell

Mark Dannell

Is that Collins.. Kim Collins? I thought he was about 45!


Yes and he's 40

Mitchell False Starts! Not really a False Start, this is more a fall over. Mitchell DQ

FALSE START 2! Fisher false start, he's confused though. So Fisher DQ

Collins leads the whole way! Just but he wins! Kilty 2nd, Ujah 3rd. So close between Kilty and Ujah, So close I may be wrong about witch way round it is. I'm right.

Men's long jump is over! 1st Mokoena 7.99 2nd Smith NR 7.83 3rd Lapierre 7.76 4th Henderson 7.72 5th Bramble GB 7.59 6th Bryant GB 7.57 7th Torneus 7.55 8th Gardiner GB 7.48

Women's 60m final now. GO! Thompson, Phillip, Williams, Evans, Pierre, Santos, Young-Warren and Okparaebo

THOMPSON WINS BY MILES WITH A 6.98! STADIUM RECORD! Evans 2nd, Williams 3rd. Thompson is now one of 8 women to run 60m in under 7 seconds, The fastest 60m ever run by a woman in Britain.