Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix



Men's 800m now. Osagie GB Tuka BSH Langford GB Sowinski USA Learmonth GB Loxsom USA Som NED

Som starts in the lead, Loxsom right behind. Langford in 3rd. Som and Loxsom way in the lead, Som the Pacemaker stops. Tuka to 2nd. Loxsom wins in 1:46.13! Tuka 2nd, Langford 3rd! Loxsom PB, Tuka NR

Women's 400m now. Chambers LI Nielsen GB Little LA Nielsen GB Doyle GB Hejnova

LA then Hejnova, Little 3rd, Hejnova just wins! Just passing LA Nielsen. Hejnova 51.77 SB LA Nielsen 51.90 PB Little 52.10 SB

Women's Pole Vault Final has finished: Stefanidi 4.63 Buchler 4.53 Saxer 4.53 Nikkanen 4.43 Clark 4.43 Murto 4.33 Peake GB 4.13 Ive GB 4.13

Men's 60m Hurdles now Reynolds IRL Trajkovic CYP Merritt USA Pozzi GB King GB Smet NED Porter GB Okoro GB

False Start! King sadly! Twitch from King sets everyone off. King gets a warning. Lucky him.

POZZI CRUSHES ALL BY MILES! KING 2nd! 7.43 Fastest time this Year! English record is 7.42 and it's Pozzi's PB! King 2nd

Women's 60m Hurdles Now. Zagre Simmonds Pearson Manning Nevis Talay Stowers Coward No Brits sadly.

Manning wins it in 7.81! PB! Nevis 2nd right behind her is Pearson in 3rd.