Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix



Men's 1500m now. Brits are King-Clutterbuck West Lancashire Sesemann

Strung out field, not much happening. Kibet leads, Burgen behind, Kenyans lead, Lancashire come to the front, he drops off again, Blankenship wins, Gregson 2nd.

Now it's time for Laura Muir in the Women's 1000m. If you don't know Muir has lately broken record after record in 3000m and 1500m and now is in the 1000m, so she may break the british record here, maybe even a European record. Who knows? But expect something from Muir

This is really a race for Muir record attempt apart for Grace. Who may beat her. Grace v muir way ahead of the rest!

Muir way ahead of even Grace now! Last lap! The Time is...

The crowd are amazing! SCREAMING! 2:31.95! BRITISH RECORD! 1.5 seconds off the World Record.

What a race, Muir says "I'm Delighted, I really needed this win, and too beat Kelly Holmes Record, I'm chuffed."

New National Record from The Netherlands and Australia too from Verstegen from NED and Buckman from AUS.

Men's 60m now. Dasaolu De Escofet Kilty Baker Collins Clarke Forte Ujah

BAKER JUST WINS! 6.55! 2-4th is so close!