Park Run – ‘Do you park run?’


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‘Do you Park run?’ – This question is being asked with increased frequency up and down the country.

But what is meant by this question?

Sure I run in a park but the question hides a much more important movement that is sweeping across the country and although sounds Hyperbolic 'the world.'

Please allow me 2 minutes before answering the question to share a little tale

I was out running, head phones firmly pressed in to my ears, probably listening to another fabulous offering form ‘Wittertainment’ or our very own ‘Bythemin Golf pod’ – Sly plug.

Plodding along at my usual pace when from nowhere an older gentleman, pushing his bike, reached out with his arm to stop me. Startled, I removed my headphone from an ear, where the gentlemen propositioned me and said:- ‘Excuse me young man* - But do you Park Run?’

*young man – maybe a slight artistic license

Feeling a tad amused about the question I replied ‘Sure I use Osterley Park from time to time but felt today it would be muddy’ The Man responded with a smile reserved for a man dealing with a puppy who had stolen his slipper.

‘No my dear boy PARK RUN – you google it – I have done over a 100 of them’ With a skip, he jumped on the bike and cycled of in to the sunset.

This could have been the end of my encounter, however an older generation telling a millennial to google something, my instinct took over and led me down the rabbit hole. That rabbit hole has led me to take part in running events from St Albans to Barcelona. In one event in Melbourne Australia no word of a lie a young lad run 5K on baking hot pavement in BARE FEET!