It's Wildcard Weekend

welcome to full, play-by-play coverage of the first playoff game of 2016, The Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Houston Texans

Im Chris Rolfe, you've got 3 hours of brilliant Football coverage coming up

Oh christ Kevin Cadle isn't presenting, this could be a long night

Jabari Greer is on the panel tonight, most famous for being one of the defenders who couldn't stop Beast Mode on "that play"

We are off, Texans kicking to the Chiefs, TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chiefs

105 yards to the house, Knile Davis, a couple of nice blocks and he has acres of space, wow!!

Santos pumps the extra point through and with just 11 seconds on the clock, the Chiefs lead 7-0

wow!! what a start to the playoffs

Santos kicking off to the Texans now, thats the way to stop them, deep into the end zone and its a touchback, here comes Hoyer